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Shock Blocks Copy right: EMS Education Ca and Jason Joelson

Welcome to Shock Blocks, a comprehensive paramedic course designed to deepen your understanding of the intricacies of the human body’s functioning through the conceptual framework of four essential blocks. These blocks symbolize distinct body systems that must seamlessly stack upon one another for optimal physiological performance.

Control Center –  The nervous system, our body’s ultimate control center. Understand the crucial role played by this system in coordinating and regulating various bodily functions. Explore how disruptions within the nervous system can manifest as injuries or illnesses and learn to decipher these signals.

Respiratory Block –  The Respiratory system of our body’s Hvac system. Explore the mechanics of breathing, oxygen exchange, and the intricate network of air passages. Gain insights into identifying respiratory challenges and develop the skills needed to address them promptly.

Pump – The heart as the body’s primary pump. Delve into the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, gaining a profound understanding of how the heart powers circulation. Master techniques to assess and manage cardiac conditions, ensuring timely and effective interventions.

Container – The Vascular System and Blood is the fourth block, which delves into the vascular system and blood as the body’s container. Explore the intricate network of blood vessels and the vital role played by blood in transporting oxygen and nutrients. Develop expertise in recognizing vascular issues and implementing appropriate treatments.

Throughout Shock Blocks, visual repetition will be employed to reinforce your understanding of patient injuries or illnesses. This visual approach enhances your ability to prioritize and administer treatments effectively. By the end of this course, you will possess a comprehensive skill set, enabling you to navigate the complexities of emergency care with confidence. Join us as we elevate your paramedic expertise to new heights through the foundational principles of Shock Blocks.

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