What is
Ulearn Online

U Learn Online is a training studio that partners with experts and develops online training through a cost-share revenue. If you think you would like to work with U Learn Online .ca, please email emseducation.ca@gmail.com.



To maintain affordable pricing for standard courses, they are designed to stand on their own with little to no support. If you are having technical problems, please email emseducation.ca@gmail.com.


Premium course pricing depends on production time, support, and face-to-face interaction.
Premium courses can be self-contained or they can be regularly scheduled courses that are instructor-led.


Course material support
If the course was not enough, you could book zoom help with our instructors to help you with any problems.
Set up a meeting alone or with friends for 50-100 hrs.



Where Are Located?

Unlearn Online is located in Alberta, Canada, and most of our content experts are from Alberta, Canada, but we do source experts from all over the world.


Why don’t you have a subscription?

We individually price all courses because our library is not extensive enough, and once you have purchased a course you have access to it any time you want. Once you cancel a subscription, you cancel your access. We do not want to take hostages. ULearn Online has individual educators, making it difficult to reward our educators. 



At ULearn Online, we developed our standard courses with price in mind. We try to keep our course pricing affordable, and we do that by designing self-contained courses with little support.
If you have technical problems, please contact ulearnonlie.ca@gmail.com, or if you are looking for course material support, ULearn Online offers face coaching for a fee.


Guarantees 30-day full refund .

U Learn Online guarantees a 30-day 97% (less the transaction fees) refund as long as you have not completed the course to certification. This gives you enough time to look at the course and decide if it is right for you.



At U Learn Online, our certificate courses follow our certificate design process, so you must complete all activities and assessments for the course to receive a certificate.

This way, you know the certificate is of value.