We develop comprehensive, online, blended, or face-to-face training for individuals and businesses. Courses can be developed from a simple concept where we do all the work as a ghostwriter or work in partnership with the subject matter expert to complete the course, helping to build better relationships and courses. Our expert-created content provides our clients with engaging online training to achieve their goals.

Ulearn online Benefits for Companies.

Consistent learning experience 

Consistent messaging 

Self paced learning 

Access anytime

Face to Face course conversion

Do you need your face-to-face converted to an online course or a webinar?
We can help you with this.

Multi-media Production

You have a training department but need some help. We have an in-house studio to produce educational material.

Rapid Course  Development

Do you need your course up and running yesterday?
We are not time travelers, but being a small training design company allows us to get courses done in less time than the big guys.

Face To Face video led course development

We can convert or develop video-based training that your trainers facilitate, so the learning experience is the same every time.

Micro Training

Do you have trouble fitting training? Micro training might be your answer. We can develop one-off training, or a set of Micro Training.

Training needs Consulting

Do you feel like you need more training? Let’s do a gap analysis and see whether developing training is necessary before throwing money at it