Paramedic Coaching and Tutoring

Paramedic Coaching and Tutoring

For Students, EMS Personal, Services

Paramedics, Coaching and Tutoring for students and EMR, Primary and Advanced Paramedics

At U Learn Online EMS Education Canada, we provide comprehensive paramedic coaching and tutoring tailored for Emergency Medical Responders (EMR), Primary Care Paramedics (PCP), EMT-As, and Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP). We also offer specialized training for ambulance services and first responders. Our programs are designed to be flexible, with both in-person and live online training options available to suit your needs.

EMR and Paramedic Students

Are you an EMR or paramedic student struggling to retain new knowledge and apply it in practice? We offer personalized one-on-one and group coaching to help you and your peers get up to speed. Whether you need a single session or a series of classes, our education is grounded in evidence-based practices and designed with the student’s needs in mind. Our coaching and tutoring are tailored to meet your individual or group requirements, ensuring you receive the support you need to succeed.

Check out our topics and fees below.

Working EMR EMT Paramedic

Are you an EMR, EMT, or paramedic new to the field, or have you been on the job for a while and find things aren’t clicking? Do you feel overwhelmed, experience mind blanks, or need to brush up on certain knowledge or equipment? U Learn Online EMS Education Canada offers in-person training to address these challenges. If distance is an issue, we also provide live online sessions. Our education refreshers are tailored to meet your individual needs or the needs of a group of you and your colleagues.


Here a list of suggested topics and you can choose one or combine them to meet your needs. If you do not see a topic email us and I am sure we can accommodates.

Patient assessment

History Taking

Patient Care Report writing

ECK intentions

12 Lead ECG interpretation

Trauma training ITLS based

Call management

Anatomy and Physiology

Scenario Training

Scenario Practices

Shock Blocks- Better way to understand shock

Shock treatment

Anatomy and Physiology

Situational and Environmental awareness (Staying Safe)

Patient movement

High Performance CPR Training

Specifics Call management (MI, Asthma…)

ACLS Review

PALS Review

NRP Review


The best way to get an exact cost for coaching is to email us with your needs for the best quote.

Individual Tutoring Sessions:

General Rate: $75 to $100 per hour

Specialized Expertise (e.g., complex paramedic training): $75 to $150 per hour

Group Tutoring Sessions:

Groups (2-6 students): $40 to $60 per hour per student

Current Package Deals:

3 Hours up to 6 students $300.00 Special Expires September. Simple coaching

Online Tutoring:

Similar rates to in-person tutoring, though some tutors may offer a slight discount for online sessions due to reduced travel time and costs.

Special Programs or Workshops:

4 – 8 Hour Workshops: $100 to $300 per participant

Workshops can be from 3 – 8 hours

These rates are general estimates and can vary. It’s always best to contact specific tutoring services to get accurate pricing tailored to your needs and location.

Ambulances and Medical Response Services

U Learn Online provides specialized EMS training for ambulance services and medical response teams, tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. We understand that not every organization has the budget for a full-time learning development department or the expertise in all aspects of EMS. Whether you need us for a one-off project or ongoing education, we can fulfill those requirements. Your service can utilize our existing products as-is, have them customized to meet your needs, or develop new educational programs from scratch.

Additionally, we offer independent consulting on EMS education and company training to assess and address your educational needs effectively.