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I’m Jason, a clinical educator, and realized during the COVID-19 pandemic that teaching needs to be engaging, relevant, and about learner’s experience.  Self-study and multiple courses later, I want to change people’s views of online learning.  Fewer words, more graphics with more content, presented in formats to increase retention, I use scientific-based methods to produce meaningful content.

I have been teaching since my teen years, starting as a swimming instructor, then teaching lifeguarding and swim instructor courses.  After 30 years of being a Paramedic, I moved into a role of training and producing training content for Emergency Medical Services.  After 20 years of my own multi-media business (photography, web design, graphic arts, video production) and lately adult education,  U Learn Online blends all my personal interests and career experience.

After everything I have achieved, I still love teaching the most. U Learn Online EMS Education is my passion to reach more people and help experts develop phenomenal online training.

Jason Joelson
Founder, owner, Project manager, Instruction designer, Course and Content creator, Visual Statgitest, Photographer, Videographer, Cat Wrangler, and definitely not the copy writer.

Hi, I’m Jim. I have been in EMS for over 30 years in many capacities from emergency paramedic to flight paramedic to industrial paramedic. Throughout my career I have had many opportunities to provide teaching for entry to practice, facilitating training for organizational staff, and participating in program development in the PCP and EMR programs. 

I also serve on the Alberta Chapter of ITLS and have assisted in the update of the ITLS eTrauma online course. 

Currently, I am a Clinical Educator providing training and curriculum development.

Jim Avey
Instructor Designer, Course Project Manager, Course and Content Creator, Content development, Research, Copywriter, Photographer, Coffee Drinker.

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