Paramedic Case Study Sim SERIES


EMS Sims Series is like choose your adventure where you make all the choices.  You will be given an EMS call to work through where you make all the decisions.  Throughout the sim, there will be learning moments to watch videos, read website articles, or just advice from your sim guide who is there to help through the sim.  The Sims are designed to increase critical thinking, atomicity for decision-making and create a safe place to make the best decisions. 

Is this Course Right For YOU?

The EMS Sims is your solution for gaining EMS experience in a safe environment.  EMS Sims is a fast-learning experience that develops high-performance critical thinking, critical decision-making, automaticity for decision making to decrease the cognitive load in stressful situations, and introduction of design thinking into EMS using low fidelity simulation. The more you do, the more you learn. It is the perfect course for any EMS personnel who wants to be better.

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Sample EMS SIM SERIES – Child versus car.

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EMS SIM series overview

How the sim works

Even two Sims might be similar, but it is the context of the call where the order and when something needs to be done will be different.  All our Sims are based on real-life experiences. These experiences will become yours, like the hallway conversion you have with other EMS colleges about calls; they have an experience that you can incorporate into your practice. 

EMS Sims are designed with low fidelity in mind to create a faster transfer of learning, decreased cognitive workload to retain information, and the ability to do the sim repeatedly to build automaticity (cueing and scripting) in decision making. We all have busy lives and trying to fit in training, which makes a difference. Ulearn Online low fidelity Sim design allows you to do the Sims anywhere and anytime. 

Each sim will have its learning objectives along with the ones listed below.


How the sim works

Each sim has 1 to 3 sim lessons to work, though. Each lesson has a sim, an e-book containing all the education ornaments from the sim if you did not find it all, and activities/knowledge checks to reinforce the material in the sim.  At the end of the sim is a final assessment where you need to score 80%. Once you have completed the sim and final assessment, you are awarded a certificate. 

How to do the Sim

The Sims are designed to go through more than once. Ideally, it would help if you did each sim four times.

  1. The first time, try to make all the best choices to get to the sim’s end.
  2. The second time, go through and try to find all the educational moments
  3. Go through the sim, and don’t be afraid to explore all the choices.
  4. Go through the sim as fast as you can
  5. Go through the e-book and complete all knowledge checks/activities.
Overall objectives for the Sims
Overall objectives for the Sims


Promotes critical thinking
Promotes critical thinking by allowing you to make the choices, whether they are good or bad

Incorporating Design Thinking into ems
Sims are developed with design thinking in mind whether you see or not the sim will follow, analyze, recognize, action, and do its circle. An analysis is what you do though the whole call. This is the information you are taking in through your senses and then you put it all together and recognize what it is and form an action.

Develops automaticity, and decreases cognitive load in stressful situations
Sims allow you to work through Sims that are based on real-life experiences to develop cueing and scripting. Cueing/scripting is when you analyze the situation; you immediately recognize it and have a plan of action right away because you have already worked through a similar sim. For example, if the patient has no pulse at the wrist, they have a low blood pressure, and you will need an intravenous. You have created a habit when you find no pulse at the wrist; you need an intravenous.

By creating a habit, atomicity thought the Sims; you will decrease the cognitive load in a stressful situation.

Create a safe place to make decisions and explore different choices.
We design our Sims to help decision-making better. EMS sim allows you to make good dessions and explore not-so-good ones.