The Self-Taught Video – Basic Video Production Course.

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We always hear the line “I am self-taught” but in fact, we did learn our craft from someone. Especially today when you have the internet at your fingers we can teach ourselves just about anything but did we teach ourselves. Most likely not. We most likely read books and watch videos that were written and created by someone what really didn’t do is enroll in a program that followed a certain curriculum. Our we self-taught?

There is a ton of noise out there right now and it is hard to find great content. I spend a lot of time learning from others on the internet. The bonus to using paid courses is their structure and building on small concepts to make big ones. One spends hours on the internet trying to learn something but there are hunters of videos and it takes a long time to find the good ones. I have spent a lot of time on youtube finding good videos about video production. In this course, I have removed the noise and curated a great bunch of videos from YouTube. They have all been embedded and never downloaded following YOUtube guidelines. they are structured in the format to take you from the beginning and become proficient in the type of video production you choose.

Support the creators in this course.

You should support these creators by, liking, subscribing, and making comments about their videos. The video creators have their own paid courses I encourage you to look at and take. This course is an overview of general video production. The creators I have embedded in this course have their own paid courses that will take a deeper dive into certain types of video production and editing.

The course was set up to follow linearly but there is nothing stopping you to jump to the lessons that interest you most.

I have decided to launch the course before completion. I was going to add my own video and exercise for practice but there currently is a lot of good information in there already and I have gotten busy with other projects. Maybe in the near future, I will get around to updating the course with some of my content and exercises for practice but meantime enjoy the course. There might be an odd page with no content please just carry on to the next one.