Paramedics- BLS Saves Lives Pod 6

Paramedics- BLS Saves Lives

First Responders and Coffee: Old School and New School – Story Time – BLS Saves Lives Pod 6

In this episode of First Responders and Coffee, KJ and Jason, both experienced emergency medical responders from Alberta, recount a real-life incident involving a serious car accident in which their Basic Life Support (BLS) skills were put to the test.


KJ and Jason introduce themselves as emergency medical responders (EMR) from Alberta. They dive into the main topic of the episode, discussing a recent incident they encountered.

Discovering “Receiver Coffee”

The hosts share their experience of trying a new coffee called “Receiver Coffee,” which they came across during their trip to Charlottetown. They compare it to a previous coffee they reviewed and express their preferences. We really like Receiver Coffee. See below where to get your.

Setting the Scene: Skiing Trip and a Rollover

The hosts transition to recounting the skiing trip they took, mentioning the fun they had on the slopes. On their return journey, they encountered a truck that had rolled over into a ditch along the highway. They describe the location and circumstances of the accident.

Responding to the Rollover

The hosts shift the focus to their emergency response training. They emphasize the importance of BLS (Basic Life Support) skills in situations like this. They explain the immediate actions they took upon arriving at the scene, such as opening the airway and assessing the patient’s condition.

Assessing the Patient’s Injuries

KJ and Jason describe the condition of the patient they found in the ditch. They note that she was unconscious and had significant injuries, including a visible bone fracture. The hosts detail how they secured the scene and began providing basic treatment to the patient.

Managing the Cold and Waiting for the Ambulance

Due to the remote location and the extended response time of the ambulance, the hosts share how they used their knowledge of hypothermia to keep the patient warm while awaiting professional medical help. They also recall receiving assistance from a passerby.

Effective BLS Skills in Action

KJ and Jason continue to emphasize the significance of BLS skills in maintaining the patient’s airway, breathing, and circulation. They discuss the importance of minimizing movement to prevent further injury and the challenges they faced in the snowy environment.

Transition to Advanced Life Support (ALS)

With the arrival of the ambulance, the hosts discuss how the patient’s condition improved slightly. They express their relief at her responsiveness and ability to communicate with them.

Lessons Learned

Reflecting on the incident, the hosts discuss the importance of being prepared for emergencies. They talk about the value of having a basic first aid kit in a vehicle and highlight the potential impact of simple actions like splinting a limb. They also acknowledge the efficiency of their response due to their BLS training.

KJ and Jason wrap up the episode by reiterating the significance of BLS skills in saving lives, regardless of one’s profession. They emphasize that being willing to help and having even basic training can make a substantial difference in an emergency situation.

In this episode, KJ and Jason share a real-life account that highlights the critical role of Basic Life Support skills in emergency situations. Their detailed description of the incident underscores the importance of swift and effective actions, emphasizing that BLS skills truly save lives.