23D Sim/ Case Study

The practitioner will work through an online simulated trauma patient in this course. Within the sim, they will be faced with a decision point to select the correct course of action. The correct selection will lead them through the sim; the incorrect selection will loop them back to the decision point with an explanation of […]

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Crafting Clear and Concise Patient Clear Report for Paramedics

Crafting Clear and Concise Patient Care Reports Are you struggling with the process of writing Patient Care Reports (PCRs)? Do you find yourself frustrated when your PCR doesn’t meet the expected standards? If you’re seeking guidance to enhance your PCR writing skills, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the course “Crafting Clear and Concise

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Designing Courses Visually

Designing better experience visual. A correction to the video the course can take up to 12 hour to complete. Give yourself a competitive edge when developing and designing education for corporate training, retraining, or teaching something you love by incorporating Responsible Education with visual strategies. Whether you are an L&D Specialist or want to teach

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Shift Adult Education to Responsible Education

We can remove barriers to learning by rephrasing the term “Adult Education” to “ Responsible Education.” I believe companies and institutions use the term “adult education” to shift the responsibility of poor curriculum design and education delivery to the learner when learners don’t engage, struggle and/or perform poorly. “Responsible Education” is education development and practice

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Shock Blocks The Basics

Shock Blocks is currently under beta test and will be available. soon. Shock Blocks Copy right: EMS Education Ca and Jason Joelson Welcome to Shock Blocks, a comprehensive paramedic course designed to deepen your understanding of the intricacies of the human body’s functioning through the conceptual framework of four essential blocks. These blocks symbolize distinct

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Welcome to’s free Study Guide for EMR and first responders.This study guide was put to gather to help my son while he was taking his EMR. I have waded through the noise and found many great videos on YouTube and web articles to help ems students study. I have also included a few original


Lifeguard Training.

Lifeguard Training Alberta Canada 50% Off Lifeguard training: recognition of distressed swimmers and the non-swimmers Enter Coupon Lifeguard70 At Checkout. 25 only Code: Lifeguard50 Limited-time introductory offer. Hello, lifeguarding is a considerable responsibility. Knowing how to recognise patrons that are in distress or drowning is the most crucial skill a lifeguard can have. However, when

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